by Culver

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released January 1, 2012



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Culver UK

Rocking the murky waters between sludge and hardcore with a massive 3 guitar wall of sound attack, underpinned by a pounding rhythm section

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Track Name: Forest Fire
Gunshy too slow to the draw,
I shake my head in awe,
Angels stay close to my heart,
Weaving soft light through the dark,

Look at you
You are a Forest Fire

Doomed without a cause,
To pretend.... pretend to always be yours,

The delicate illusions that get us through,
Life can only stand so much strain,

Look at you
You are a Forest Fire,
Tell me the truth,
or am I a liar.
Track Name: Sexy Little Swine
Bliss amongst the city scapes,
Moving swift with ease and grace,
Crisp and clean and near precise,
Air hangs cool and still tonight,
Conditions perfect,..... seething rage,
But she'll get through this,..... red wine and praise,

Trophies count when held aloft,
Shining gold won't stop, stop, stop,
This gutless stench,... of stink and swine,

Everything I know,
I know only because I love,

Lessons of salt rubbed in wounds,
Parusing the eticate to whom,
All order and honour be obeyed,
I am selfish it has always been my way,

Re-adjust the lie or we'll collide.
Track Name: Imola
Lets paint the stars,
Lets paint the broken parts,
Slave till we ache and the conversation breaks,
to understand,
All I am,
Without you,
Is boxing underwater,

Reflections of broken things,
All gold teeth and sharpened nails,
Drink and we sway,
Tempers will fray,
Hurt people.... hurt people

We'll save the past,
Laze in the shallow grass,
Breath in the air we once tenderly shared.
Track Name: Jabroni
Gobsmacked with hand me downs,
Pissed up and poor,
Tranquil relief,
Two paced insurgency,
Sharpshoot away,
Foreign bound,
Fly me around

Till the sun dips and the stars play their tricks,
We'll be immortal,
In the bright light of day,
This victory loves preparation